Hatchi screenshot

Hatchi: Next Gen Tamagotchi

Remember the golden age of the Tamagotchi? Mine lived for 28 days before a devastating, accidental pocket reset. Fortunately, you can avoid this and other calamities with the Hatchi app for mobile. Name your Hatchi, feed it, play with it, clean it up and put it to bed. Watch it grow, evolve and battle other Hatchis! No additional keychain toy required. No fear of dead batteries erasing all your hard work.  8/10 (for Tamagotchi fans only!)

Hatchi screenshot
Harry the Hatchi has a long way to go…
hatchi screenshot
If you neglect your Hatchi it might grow up to look like an unhappy octopus

Where to get Hatchi:

google play

apple itunes store

Developer: Portable Pixels Limited

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