Dandy Dungeon

Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada

Dandy Dungeon is a brilliant RPG with a great storyline and unique angle. The protagnist, Yamada-kun is a game developer with aspirations of making his own videogame, starring himself. He develops his own dungeon crawler with the hope that rescuing the princess will make his real life sweetheart fall in love with him. A game within a game – prepare to be a beta tester for Yamada-kun’s game – and be charmed by the uniqueness, humour and clever storytelling. In fact, quit reading this review and download immediately! 9.5/10

Dandy Dungeon
A 36 year old who still hasn’t learned not to stand on beds with his shoes on.

Where to get Dandy Dungeon:

google play

apple itunes store

Developer: DMM.com

Web: http://www.dandydungeon.com/

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