Word Cookies

Word Cookies: Tasty Puzzle Game for Mobile

If you like word puzzle games, or something just to put you to sleep at night, then Word Cookies is the game for you. It is a simple Scrabble-like concept, you swipe letters in order to make words from 5 or 6 “word cookie” letters. Use game coins to get hints if you get stuck. The ads may drive you nuts, they flash up somewhat annoyingly after every level completion. But hey, its free to play and developers gotta eat mmkay? 8/10

Word Cookies
Bonus points if you can correctly pronounce “Cookicious”

Word Cookies

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  1. I aon Lavender 18 and it will not let me add the 7 letter word, that is suppose to be yerking. Therefore I can ‘t continue to play !!!!!!!!!!!

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